Workout Playlists You’ll Seriously Love

Workout Playlists You’ll Seriously Love

Written by Madeline Pennington. Published August 6, 2019.

So you’ve decided to go to the gym (yuck). The smell of sweat lingers in the air. You’ve strapped on your watch and are ready to reach your 10,000th step for the day. But wait… your workout playlist hasn’t changed since Justin Timberlake was in NSYNC. Yikes! Whether you’re planning to crush some cardio or wind up with some weightlifting, we’ve got your back with some music that will keep you motivated.

Cardio Jams


This song’s pulsing rpm will get your heart rate going! With punk influences and a catchy chorus, you’ll be humming along to this one on the treadmill guaranteed.

2. Cross Me // Ed Sheeran

I’ll admit I’m not usually into today’s hits, but this song is my summer guilty pleasure for sure! Every time I hit the elliptical I’m sure to bump this empowering song!

3. Sleep With a Baseball Bat // Cosmic Johnny

This is my go-to alt-rock jam for cardio. With its quirky lyrics and throbbing guitar line it’s a great song to keep pace to while having some fun!

4. Dirty Sexy Money // Charli XCX

What would a workout playlist be without the Queen of Pop Charli XCX? Dirty Sexy Money will make you feel like a total boss whenever you hit the gym. Poppy upbeat instrumentals with some flirty lyrics make this a must-have on your workout jams.

5. Juice // Lizzo

Lizzo is the QUEEN of self love and self confidence which makes her essential to a proper workout playlist. Working out should always be about feeling your best, not about how you look and Lizzo is sure to remind everyone to love themselves! You’ll feel on top of the world running to this bop!

Weightlifting Tracks

1. D.R.U.G.S // Miley Cyrus ft. Ghostface Killer

Miley’s new EP is prime lifting music I’ve gotta say. This song in particular is perfect because it’s a bit slower but still high-intensity which is what I prefer when weightlifting. The Ghostface Killer feature at the end of the song will push you to finish a set strong!

2. Tommy // Tommy Genesis

The female rap scene right now is incredible, but I’ve gotta say Tommy Genesis might be my favorite new addition. This song in particular has a great, deep bass that’ll have you digging deep when you go to squat!

3. Jordan Belfort // Wes Walker

This is a guilty pleasure song for me, but I had to include it here because in my opinion no workout (or party) playlist is complete without it. Thinking about making that #money while you lift is always a good motivator.

4. Fashion Killa // A$AP Rocky

You’ve probably noticed by now that when I lift I like to listen to rap. If that’s not your thing, I’m sorry, but honestly I think you should give it a shot anyway and just see if it changes your reps! The legend himself, A$AP is the perfect artist to motivate you in your health journey. “Her attitude Rihanna. She get it from her mamma.” Like come on that’s an iconic lyric you’ve gotta admit.


For the longest time whenever I went to the gym, I’d exclusively listen to BROCKHAMPTON. I couldn’t help myself, they had slow tempo for lifting, uptempo tunes for cardio. Honestly if you take one thing away from this article, listen to BROCKHAMPTON— that’s it. But for this playlist I chose FACE in particular because I think the verses in this one are some of the group’s best. Matt Champion and Dom shine on this track and its the perfect song for when you need a breather at the gym or want to do some slower paced exercises. I like to listen to this one when I do leg presses because it keeps a consistent pace and gives me some breath time!

So those are my suggestions for workout jams! If anyone has other suggestions, leave them in comments below! Adding these to your existing playlist, or creating a new one will have you running at top speed and reaching your lifting records in no time!